Electronic Request Management System

Abstract: Quality management with the most general terms; is a set of systematic studies carried out, the workflow process takes place in an organization, a continuous cycle of improvement in the standard of service and satisfaction in the services and the creation of the masses in order. In this study, the structure and functioning of web-based system called the Electronic Request Management System has been presented. It has been developed to ensure that the processing and management, receipt of the online request form produced under ISO 9001 quality studies in Bitlis Eren University. Electronic Request Management System provides on-line such as the realization of the process, creating requests, monitoring the requests for distribution to staff, termination and archiving, to receive services from the departments. In addition, the Electronic Request Management System offers a contribution of a management approach that is scalable, traceable and transparent with producing the wide range of reports, such as the process can be analyzed for each request, the request to terminate either positively or negatively, the demand to be categorized and their relation to staff.

Keywords: ETYS, ISO 9001, Html5, Css3, ASP.Net, SOAP, AD-LDAP

2015-10-27, Salı